July 8, 2011

Police Commissioner urges persons to resolve conflicts peacefully

An urgent plea to persons to resolve their differences more amicably is being sounded by police commissioner, Keith Miller.{{more}}

Miller made the appeal at media conference on Wednesday, July 6 at the police conference room at the Central Station.

Speaking about the number of offensive weapons which were confiscated over the Carnival season and the murders of two men by cutlass, Miller beseeched persons to use knives and cutlasses for their intended purpose.

“Gone are the days when a person gets a chop or stab and survived; but what we are seeing now is that persons are dying now from severe chops and stabs…,” Miller added.

The Commissioner begged persons to exercise tolerance. “It seems like some persons are really losing it; It is important for persons to learn how to resolve their conflicts without the use of weapons,” Miller pleaded.(KW)