July 8, 2011

Miller – Policeman on disciplinary charges

Disciplinary charges have been laid against the policeman, who, on June 24, 2011, was involved in a fracas at Heritage Square.{{more}}

Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller, on Wednesday, July 6, confirmed this to reporters at a press conference held at the Central Police Station.

Miller said the policeman has been removed from where he was assigned. “Where he was working is an area where he had to interface with with the public very frequently, so I have removed him from there and put him to work in an area where he doesn’t have to interface with the public…,” Miller stated.

The Commissioner said he felt the anger and disgust from the public by what transpired. He mentioned that he received telephone calls from persons about the matter and other police officers who were in Heritage Square at the time, expressed that they felt embarrassed.

“I didn’t want to put him in the front where any further embarrassment would be caused…,” Miller added.

In a press briefing, on June 27, Miller publicly apologised for the actions of that police officer. In that press briefing, Miller described the policeman’s behaviour as “unacceptable”.(KW)