Fanatics sweep J’Ouvert awards
July 8, 2011
Fanatics sweep J’Ouvert awards

For the umpteenth year, J’Ouvert Fanatics made an almost clean sweep of the awards at stake in 2011 J’Ouvert competition.{{more}}

Their band, “Who dead bury, who mash up throw way”, placed first in the Traditional Bands category, ahead of the band “The Mix” presented by the Green Hill Cultural and Sports Club.

Fanatics also ran away with most of the major titles, including first, second and third positions in the J’Ouvert King competition, which was won by Cecil McKie with his portrayal “Trees On”. In second place was Aubrey Burgin with his portrayal of “Granpa coco”, followed by Julian Burgin with “Julian clean up Kingstown”.

In the Queen of J’Ouvert competition, Green Hill broke Fanatics monopoly with Susan Llewellyn who placed first with her portrayal of “Well come to Bottom Tongue”. In second and third place, respectively, were Fanatics’ portrayals of “Cat Scan” and “Ah going nuts”.

The band “Problem in the House” edged out Fanatics when it took first place in the Individual category with its portrayal of “Log and Facebook”. Second was Silta James of Fanatics, with “Sen-knitter Bat-Yeast”, followed by Francis “Vamps” Llewellyn, also of Fanatics, with his portrayal of “Giving Sheep a jump”.

In the couples category, “Labour Pain and Master Stroke” got the judges’ nod, followed by “Any number can’t play”, with “Tie me Tighter” of J’Ouvert Fanatics in third place. The group adjudged to have the best portrayal was “Taking CDC Rural” of J’Ouvert Fanatics, which tied with “Problem in the House”.

In the Painted Bands category, Purple Wave, with their portrayal of “Country meets Town” was first, ahead of “Facebook” portrayed by RJR and “Delinquent Colours” of Francois Promotions, which placed third.