Christian organization donates medical supplies to the MCMH
July 8, 2011
Christian organization donates medical supplies to the MCMH

The Travelling Love Suitcases has extended love to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), donating a quantity of medical equipment.{{more}}

The Christian organization handed over the items to the Administrator and staff of the MCMH on Wednesday, July 6, 2011. The items included 29 stethoscopes, 2 blood pressure cuffs, 3 glucose monitors, 9 digital thermometers, 2 boxes each of blood glucose test strips, lancet pens and alcohol swabs, 9 boxes of sheath covers, 18 safety syringes and 30 toothbrushes.

Founder of the organization Cordell Beache told Searchlight that the need for the items was communicated to the Missouri based organization through Christopher Cumberbatch, Chairman of Inter Schools and Colleges Christian Fellowship.

Cumberbatch said that he learned of the needs of the hospital while speaking to the nurses during the time he was a patient at the hospital.

Beache stated that the organization hopes to continue to make donations to the hospital, based on the needs of the hospital.

Hospital Administrator Cuthbert Knights expressed gratitude to the organization for their donation, adding that the donation will go a long way. Sister Sharon Scott also expressed thanks on behalf of the staff at the MCMH.(OS)