Harry shares seven ingredients for success with Calder graduates
July 1, 2011
Harry shares seven ingredients for success with Calder graduates

Wednesday was an exciting day for Grade 6 pupils of the Calder Primary School having participated in their Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony, rated the best in years.{{more}}

The event was also a memorable one for parents and guardians as well as the school’s teachers and other well wishers.

Reverend Cornelius Harry, a former teacher of the school, delivering the feature address, gave the graduands seven ingredients for success that they should strive to take with them on their academic journey.

The graduating class was told to be successful at their academics, they should be obedient, respectful to teachers and their peers, focused at their school work, consistent, refrain from bad company and seek help from God.

“If you can do these things, you are on your way; you will reach higher in life,” said Harry, as he made his presentation on the theme: ‘Reaching Higher’.

He also challenged the teachers of the institution to play the role of parents, doctors, lawyers and judges, to the students.

“In playing all these roles and if you intend to reach higher, you must be reliable. If students realize they are not able to rely on you, they make your jobs more difficult,” said Harry.

The teachers were also reminded to prepare lesson plans and mark their students’ home work so that they will be able to identify the individual needs of students as well help each child develop their potential.

Harry also appealed to the teachers to conduct parent/teachers interviews. He used the opportunity to encourage teachers to attend professional development sessions to improve their teaching methods. He admitted that some teachers have difficulty attending such programmes.

“Treat students with respect and teach them to treat others with respect,” Harry advised.

He also used his message to reach out to parents. He called on them to take care of their children’s biological needs, provide a safe environment which is supportive, nurturing and allows a child to grow healthy.

Parents were challenged to teach their children the difference between right and wrong, to express love to them and be patient and understanding.

Harry also touched on the critical area of dealing with failure. He urged parents to help their children to look at failure as a learning situation and not as a tragedy.

Fihiana Grant of the Grade 6 graduating class was adjudged the Most Outstanding Student; Ryan Clouden, Most Improved Student; Jaynise Caine, Most Dedicated Student; and Akeea Small, Most Outstanding Student in Mathematics. Fihiana also received the award for the Most Outstanding Student in Language Arts and General Paper.

Police Officer Isaac of the DARE programme was also on hand to present the students with certificates for their participation in the programme.(HN)