June 24, 2011

Fuel surcharge rates up

The electricity fuel surcharge rate has gone up. This will be reflected when consumers receive their bills for the month of June.{{more}}

A release from VINLEC dated June 20 said the fuel surcharge rate has increased by twelve per cent to 54.38 cents per unit.

“Last month, consumers benefited from a decrease in the fuel surcharge rate, but in an effort to meet customer demand for electricity, the company utilized approximately twelve per cent more fuel than in the previous month,” the release said.

VINLEC is encouraging consumers to use energy wisely and to practise efficient measures to conserve this resource. These include turning off all appliances when not in use; running only full loads in washing machines and dishwashers, and turning off lights on leaving a room.

VINLEC will continue to make every effort to improve operational efficiency in order to stabilize the cost of energy.