June 17, 2011
Bottlers SVG 2011 Inc to reopen doors in approximately two months

Soft drinks producers Bottlers SVG 2011 Incorporated is set to reopen its doors in about two months time.{{more}}

This revelation was made by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on Tuesday this week during a press conference when he indicated that his Government has done and was doing all it can to assist the company, which had been the makers of Ju-c and Pepsi and other aerated beverages here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines over the years.

“I heard the opposition say that the government is to be blamed for the closure of Bottlers…. what they should do is simply enquire what is happening….”

“In fact, I believe that if you were to contact Margaret Ferrari… she will tell you that contrary to what has been mouthed on opposition radio station that we have been very supportive of Bottlers staying on their feet.”

The Prime Minster said that a series of events, which include the international financial crisis, along with local and regional competition and management and investment decisions, were factors which led to the Campden Park based company getting into difficulties.

He said that the government and company have since been working on resuming operations as early as August this year.

“I am permitted to say by the owners of Bottlers that they are in discussion with equity Partners in Trinidad and Tobago…. Now before Cabinet there is an application for fiscal incentives by Bottlers SVG 2011 Incorporated.”

“I am determined not to permit untruth and falsehoods to go around the world before truth can put on the shoes when the opposition speak in a manner which is lacking in such basic honesty and truthfulness,” the Prime Minister added.(JJ)