Mr. Cool, Cody Jack:  I’m happy, I’m proud!
June 14, 2011
Mr. Cool, Cody Jack: I’m happy, I’m proud!

Cody Jack is an 11-year-old boy whose nonchalant demeanour is one of the first things that strikes you. So when the Windsor Primary School pupil learned that he had placed sixth for boys and ninth overall in the 2011 Common Entrance Examinations, it is not surprising that he displayed his usual cool demeanour.{{more}}

However, when SEARCHLIGHT sat down with Cody on Friday, June 10 and asked how he felt about his achievement, Cody showed some of the excitement he had been suppressing.

“I’m happy; I’m very proud,” he said.

The son of Alex and Lisa Jack of Villa, Cody scored 86.21 per cent in English, 98.33 per cent in Mathematics and for General Paper, 91.67 per cent. Although he feels he could have done better, Cody is still pleased with his work.

Cody, who is an avid piano player and also enjoys playing tennis, making origami craft, playing video games and soccer, says he put a lot of effort into his studies and prepared himself by reading the newspapers, especially SEARCHLIGHT.

“My mom helped me a lot on the days I was at home, and my dad provided encouragement to me, as well as my brother Daryl,” he shared.

In fact, leading up to Common Entrance, Cody was keeping his fingers crossed that he would place higher than his brother Daryl, who placed third for boys and fifth overall in last year’s Common Entrance exam.

Stating that he’s good at Math and Science, Cody is considering a career in Engineering, but admitted that he is leaving his options open.

From all appearances, Cody has a great summer ahead before beginning his Secondary School education at the St. Vincent Grammar School. Letting SEARCHLIGHT in on a little secret, Cody said he has been tabulating all the gifts he has been promised, and the number stands tall.

Mom, Lisa, said she was elated when she received the news of Cody’s top quality performance. “I knew that he could do well; he is a very good student and I just want him to develop more,” she said with a huge smile.

She added that although Cody did not out perform his brother, he now has another chance to do so at the secondary school level.

Cody’s father, Alex, said he’s now relieved knowing that Cody did well in the examinations. “I’m very proud of him; he’s done us extremely proud,” he added.

Both parents admitted that they never restricted Cody’s activities; rather, they allowed him to manage his time effectively. (KW)