Maule out front for St. Mary’s RC School
June 14, 2011
Maule out front for St. Mary’s RC School

Having placed sixth in the recently concluded Common Entrance Examination, Geran Maule of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School is “relieved” that it is over, and is undoubtedly looking forward to a long, fun-filled summer.{{more}}

Geran, who placed fourth for boys, and sixth overall, gained 93.33 per cent for General Paper, 93.33 for Mathematics and 90.15 for English.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, he said: “I feel good about my position. All the hard work and sacrifices paid off.”

Geran said that he stayed up later than normal on school nights to revise and cut down on his television and computer usage in the run up to the examination.

He said that he also went through past papers.

The Dorsetshire Hill resident said that he is looking forward to joining his older brother at the St. Vincent Grammar School in September. He also said he is excited about meeting up with his other friends who also passed to attend the school.

Geran’s mother, Rosyln Maule, said that she is proud of her son’s performance.

“We expected that he would have done well. He’s been a consistent performer… always at the top of his class,” she said.

“He works very hard… very thorough.”

She also said that she isn’t sure how she, and her husband Monty Maule, will reward their son for doing so well.

“We try to expose them as much as possible, so I’m not sure what will happen,” she said.

Maule said that they have already taken their sons to Disney World, to New York and other regional destinations; so she is waiting to see what else she can come up with.

“They’re not very demanding children.”

In his spare time, Geran plays the piano – having achieved Grade 2 in practical, and Grade 1 in theory – goes bike riding and also plays tennis.

At present, he is undecided about what career path he wishes to pursue.

“I don’t have anything sorted out really. I’m still waiting to see what will hold my interest.”(JV)