KPS takes the lead in Common Entrance again!
June 14, 2011

KPS takes the lead in Common Entrance again!

After being knocked off its perch in last year’s Common Entrance Examination, the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) resumed its place at the top of the ladder{{more}} – claiming not only first place, but also the school with the most students in the top ten positions.

Alron Harry (1st), Jessica Prescott (4th), Heather Lakhram (6th) and Gerard Porter (10th) are the students who brought back bragging rights to the KPS, and stand as shining examples for next year’s hopefuls.

Alron, who scored an average of 95.16 per cent, showed that being academically inclined is not mutually exclusive of an interest in sports and music. The top performer plays the piano and steel pan, and is a football enthusiast who plays mid-fielder.

And coincidentally, he is also a fan of Barcelona FC – as is Richard John, a past KPS student who placed first in the 2009 examination.

Eleven-year-old Jessica Prescott represented the girls, placing first among the 1,020 females who sat the examination, and 4th overall. The daughter of Judy and Cyril Prescott, she gained 95 per cent for General Paper, 96.67 per cent for Mathematics and 90.91 per cent for English, with an average of 94.09 per cent.

“I am very happy and overwhelmed. I was half expecting it,” she enthused.

The Dorsetshire Hill resident said that she prepared for the CEE by going through past papers, and she also received help from her older sister who attends the Girls’ High School.

Jessica, who plays goalkeep on the school’s netball team, said that she is eagerly awaiting her attendance at GHS in the new school term.

“I’m looking forward to the [new] teachers, and meeting new people… expanding my education!”

Although her favourite subject is English, Jessica has a keen interest in Science. “I’m hoping to be a marine biologist or something like that.”

Jessica tied with Natasha Hypolite (also a KPS student) for the top grade in the General Paper exam.

Also representing for the girls was 12-year-old Heather Lakhram, who lives at Beachmont. Heather placed 3rd for girls and 6th, overall scoring 93.33 per cent in General Paper and Mathematics, and 90.15 per cent in English, with an overall average of 92.20 per cent.

Sounding wise beyond her years, she said: “I was overwhelmed. I did well enough to get a scholarship.”

To prepare, Heather said that she went over past papers with her mother (Camille Lakhram), practised at her weak points, and prayed. Her hard work certainly paid off, as she will be attending the GHS in September.

The elder of two siblings, she has a voracious appetite for reading and is particularly fond of mystery books.

Like Jessica, Heather also has aspirations of pursuing a career in marine biology.

“It’s what I dream of,” she explained.

A boy of few words, Gerard Porter said that he was “excited” when he read his pass slip and realised that he had done so well.

He placed 7th for boys and 10th overall – with 91.67 per cent, 90 per cent and 93.18 per cent in General Paper, Mathematics and English, respectively, and an overall average of 91.67 per cent.

In preparation for the examination, Gerard went over past papers and attended after-school lessons.

A class prefect, he is also an avid reader with a penchant for sci-fi and action novels. As a reward for his CEE performance, Gerard’s parents (Gilbert and Samantha Porter) will be buying him a Kindle (electronic reading device) to accommodate his reading habit.

He is looking forward to attending the St. Vincent Grammar School in September. However, it isn’t in anticipation of joining the ranks of high achievers there. He didn’t hesitate when asked what he was most anticipating: “The literature books!”

He also enjoys swimming, and said that he will be indulging in this over the long summer break.

Of the 185 KPS students who sat the CEE, 150 met the required standard. Head teacher Carol Wilson-Ross said that although the school’s pass rate this year (81 per cent) was down from 2010, she is nonetheless elated at her students’ performances.

“I was expecting it!” she beamed. Wilson-Ross explained that the students normally go through a pre-test that gives an indication of how students will do in the actual CEE.

The KPS recently won Inter Primary School Sports, which was revived after a few years of dormancy. “KPS took it by storm!” boasted Wilson-Ross. “We’re champions in sports… academics… in everything. KPS is the best!” (JV)