June 10, 2011

LIME sponsors five rural Carnivals

This year, five rural Carnivals will again be getting some well deserved attention from LIME, this country’s leading telecommunications provider and super platinum sponsors of Vincy Mas. They are P’tani, North Windward, South Leeward, Calliaqua and South Rivers.{{more}} This sponsorship will cost the company in excess of $15,000.

Last weekend was the turn of P’tani and North Windward Carnivals. On Friday, June 3, both committees held their Queen Show. Miss P’tani show was held at the La Croix Boxing Plant and Miss North Windward was which was held at the Langley Park Boxing Plant.

While thousands turned out to support the beauties from the Mespo and North Windward areas, LIME made significant contributions for the fourth consecutive year by sponsoring the Queen show and Street party in Mesopotamia. The winning queens in both shows received mobile handsets from the telecommunications provider and super platinum sponsors of Vincy Mas.

The large crowd was also entertained by several local artistes. Among them were the crowd favorite Fireman Hooper from the LIME Soca Dans who gave the crowd a teaser from his Soca Monarch competition song “Animal”. Other members of the LIME Soca Dans, including Jamesy P, Luta, Tabia, Hanz and Danielle Veira, also performed for the large crowd of revelers.

J’Ouvert celebrations saw a massive crowd painted in various colors and unusual clothing.

The afternoon street jam brought the curtain down on the successful week end event as thousands “jam and wine” through the streets of Mespo and Georgetown. The extremely popular hit out of Georgetown was “Georgetown full ah wood” played by New Sensation, with lyrics depicting the recent flooding in the North Windward town.

This weekend, South Rivers, South Leeward and Calliaqua will have their Queen shows, followed by J’Ouvert and street party to culminate another fantastic year of LIME’s involvement and sponsorship of rural Carnival activities.