Speshie coming with something a little different
June 7, 2011
Speshie coming with something a little different

Wendell “Speshie” Goodridge hopes to be embraced by his fans as he performs something out of the norm, for this Carnival season.{{more}}

Goodridge, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, May 31, stated that this year he is “coming with something a little different,” a soca song dubbed ‘Soca Endurance’.

Elaborating on his new song, Goodridge stated that in every year that he has competed in the Calypso Semi-finals, he has presented a conscious song, with a message attached, adding that most persons expect conscious songs from him.

“All work and no play make jack a dull boy, so you must have a little jump up time too,” Goodridge said, adding that Soca Endurance will be entered into the Ragga Soca competition.

For the Calypso Semi- Finals, however, he intends to enter with the song ‘Do you remember’, which, according to him, is a song reminding Caribbean people of where they came from “so that we can have an idea of where we are going.”

Goodridge, a Trinidadian who has been singing for 20 years, has been singing with the On Tour Calypso tent for five years.

His achievements in Trinidad include 1994 and 1995 Lyons Club Monarch and 1996 Diego Martin Regional Library Calypso Monarch, among others. He was also a Semi-Finalist in the St. Vincent Calypso Monarch Competition in 2009.