May 24, 2011
Resistance Heartbeat Drummers will mark its first anniversary on June 3

The Resistance Heartbeat Drummers will be celebrating its first anniversary on Friday, June 3.{{more}}

This group of dynamic cultural activists comprises drummers, poets, calypsonians, dramatists, and other musicians.

Its mission is to spread the message of “Edutainment”, a blend of education and entertainment.

The group is driven by its motto “Uplifting our nation with a cultural vitalization”.

“As the name suggests, the group is resisting all negative forces in our society through its rhythms and lyrical content. The Heartbeat is a powerful African rhythm that the group adopts, so all works produced come straight from the heart,” stated a news release from the organization.

The main objectives of the Resistance Heartbeat Drummers are: to promote African drumming among the youths through the schools, by providing drums and instruction in the classrooms, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education; to ensure that the African tradition lives forever; and to produce African drums for the local market.

The group comprises 10 members and is led by a small committee consisting of: Victor “Mwata” Byron, General Secretary; David “Ras David” Culzac,Treasurer; and Glenroy “Sulle” Caesar, Musical Director.

During the year, the group has participated in several events including an island tour with the “Digicel Funfest” performers, a cultural rally commemorating Black History Month, and performances in solidarity with other cultural organizations.

As the group celebrates its first anniversary, the emphasis will be on diversifying the music with the inclusion of pan, guitar, banjo and other instruments, as well as strengthening the group by devising a suitable constitution and a recruitment drive.

On Tuesday, June 7, all group members will contribute to the group drum building project through the form of labour. This will be followed by a general meeting on Thursday, June 9, and a picnic on Saturday, June 11. The week of activities culminates with a spiritual gathering along with community work at the Spa at Belair commencing at 3 p.m.on Sunday, June 12.

Anyone who wishes to be a member of the group or would like to participate in community work at the Spa can contact any of the committee members. Group sessions are held every week, on Thursdays at 6 p.m., at Ras David’s residence in Kingstown Park.