Bickles treats customers, as part of its 4th anniversary celebration
May 24, 2011
Bickles treats customers, as part of its 4th anniversary celebration

Customers of fast food outlet Bickles were treated, last week, to a variety of goodies, as part of the celebrations to mark the restaurant’s fourth anniversary.{{more}}

Patrons at Bickles’ uptown and downtown locations were treated to hot and cold beverages, served by Coreas Hazells.

The customers were also treated with HTB Spice Bun.

During the week, Jamaica Bickle, which opened its doors here for operations on May 19, 2007, hosted staff of Oasis Spa and Acute Cosmetics, who offered makeovers and beauty tips to patrons.

The week’s show of appreciation also took the form of free patties giveaway, snacks for children and vegetable plants, compliments Dr. Jules Ferdinand, as management and staff celebrated ‘Happy Bickles Day’.

The curtains came down on the Bickles celebrations last Friday, with the distribution of free Vita Malt beverages with the purchase of selected Bickles products, sampling of Everdale Farms products and the setting up of Internet data on cell phones, thanks to Digicel, as part of their Mother’s Day month of activities.

Bickles also has a month long promotion of their own, where customers can win a BlackBerry Torch, compliments Digicel, with the $10 purchase of a Bickles meal that includes a coco sandwich or spice bun; and schoolchildren spending $5 can win free meals for one week, in the June 17 draw.

On Monday, May 16, as part of the week of appreciation activities, Bickles customers were treated to blood sugar and pressure checks, hand massages, and book supplies, compliments the Kingstown Baptist Church, Bamboo spa, Jujube and local nurses.