Two ‘get paid’ for paying up Digicel bills
May 20, 2011
Two ‘get paid’ for paying up Digicel bills

Claudius Ackie and Deborah Dalrymple, two lucky Digicel customers, do not have to worry about paying their cellular phone bills for the next 12 months as Digicel will be paying it for them.{{more}}

The lucky two are the first winners of Digicel’s promotion dubbed “Pay in full and get paid”.

Corporate Accounts Manager at Digicel Brenda Barbour said on Tuesday that the promotion which began on April 3 will every month see two lucky customers getting their post paid bills paid every month for 12 months up to a sum of EC$500 a month. Barbour said that customers who pay their bill in full are entered in the monthly draw.

Dalrymple and Ackie are April’s winners.

Collecting his winnings last Tuesday at Digicel’s Corporate Offices located in the Lewis Building on James Street, Ackie, who has been with the company since they opened their doors here in 2003, said that he feels, “blessed” and “lucky” to have won such a worthwhile prize. The Contractor who lives at Level Garden described Digicel’s services as “the best”. He added that before switching from pre-paid to postpaid, he especially liked the times when Digicel offered the Double Bubble Promotion.

“I will stay with Digicel as among other things the company helps make my job as a Contractor easier,” said Ackie.

Dalrymple, who is the Director at Marion House, said that when she learnt that she will have her bill paid for the next 12 months, she “was very excited”. She said that a few weeks ago she was telling a friend that “Digicel has all these promotions, and I have never won anything, so to learn that I won something like this was very exciting”. Dalrymple said that having her bill paid is great, “as once you are getting any bill paid, that is one less bill that you have to think about; one less thing to pay”.

She stressed that having her bill paid up to EC$500 a month will allow her to use her phone more comfortably as “these days everybody has cell phones and I usually have to make a lot of calls because of my job”.

Adding that she has been with Digicel for a long time, Dalrymple said that she moved from pre-paid to post paid and “I cannot complain. The service is good, and when I have any problems with something that might relate to technological advancements, I call and the staff is very helpful”.

“They make me feel like part of the family,” stressed Dalrymple who lives at Penniston.