GHS trophies get new home
May 10, 2011
GHS trophies get new home

The hundreds of trophies, plaques and medals that have been awarded to the students of the Girls’ High School (GHS) over the years, now have a home of their own in the hallowed halls of the Grimble Hall.{{more}}

On Thursday, May 5, three days before the school celebrated its 100th year of existence, past and present students of the institution gathered at Grimble Hall for the unveiling of the newest addition to the facility, which was donated by the Alumnae Association of New York.

The trophies and other memorabilia, which had previously been stored in the Headmistress’ office, may now be viewed at the leisure of the students, staff and visitors to the institution at almost any time.

President of the NY Alumnae, Dr. Joyce Toney, before cutting the ribbon to symbolize the hand over of the collection, expressed that she was happy to be making such a contribution to her Alma Mater. She noted that she would continue to make such gestures to her school because the institution “is continuing”.

A plaque, congratulating the school on its achievements during the past 100 years was also donated to the school during the brief ceremony, by Dr. G. Margaret Rose, who is based in Texas, U.S.A. Rose also donated a computer and a printer.

GHS Headmistress Andrea Bowman speaking at the ceremony, thanked the members of the overseas based alumnae for their contributions made during the anniversary activities.

She said past students have been very supportive of the centenary celebrations events. She noted that she looked forward to their support in the years to come.

The current students were prompted to continue to strive for success in the academic, sport and cultural fields.