GHS holds art, craft exhibition as part of its 100th anniversary
May 10, 2011
GHS holds art, craft exhibition as part of its 100th anniversary

Past and present students of the Girls’ High School were provided with the opportunity last week to display their creative talent at a two day exhibition at the Methodist Church Hall.{{more}}

The event held under the theme: ‘Celebrating 100 years of art and craft at the Girls’ High School’, was staged on Wednesday, May 4, as well as Thursday, May 5.

The exhibition featured pieces dating from as far back as the 1970s and 1980s and included paintings, embroidery pieces, and posters among other pieces of craft.

Valerie George, co-ordinator of the event, told SEARCHLIGHT that the objective of the exhibition was to demonstrate the talent of the students who would have passed through that institution.

“There is a lot of talent,” she explained adding that GHS students are usually well rounded students.

“The pieces of art on display are evidence that there is talent among the students,” George said.

She stressed the importance of having a well rounded education, one that focuses not just on education.

Thursday’s exhibition featured baked goods done by a few past students that are today self employed using the cooking and baking skills that they would have acquired during their years at GHS.

George contended that during the economic downturn some of the world’s top executives found it difficult to rebound because they lacked another basic skill that could have gotten them back on a solid footing.

Turning a hobby into a skill could eventually become a livelihood, she said.

George, however, expressed some disappointment by stating that there is no longer a cookery room at the present day GHS.

“That is where the majority of girls learnt to bake their patties,” she said adding that cooking class was something that all the girls looked forward to back then.

“Once you got to third form you wore your white and that was cooking day,” she further said.

George was of the opinion that the girls of today were missing out saying that she believed that all students should acquire basic skills such as culinary and art skills.

“Persons need to look past art and needlework as just that, but look at the potential opportunities.”

George said that too often people focus on the task of “putting up one block rather than looking at the entire finished building.”