April 29, 2011
Walkers make donation to flood victims

The flood waters of April 12, 2011, shattered the lives of several families in Langley Park, Georgetown and Valley. Their daily routine was suddenly transformed into a nightmare, leaving many without the basic possessions to survive the day.{{more}} At the same time, these residents were forced to vacate their homes and take refuge at the Langley Park Government School. The events of that night were more than sufficient to unearth the generosity of Anthony Walker and his mother Lavern Walker, both residents of the nearby village of New Chapmans, along with their friend Fitz-Allan “Rush” Peters.

The trio was instrumental in sourcing twelve mattresses, sheet sets, blankets, twelve tabletop stoves, and several other household commodities. Thus, Good Friday brought some measure of joy and relief to the affected victims of the flood when the party journeyed to the shelter and distributed the items. The donation was made possible through funding from the staff of the Mustique Company in the Kingstown and Mustique offices, several home owners in Mustique and a number of persons on mainland St. Vincent.

During the distribution process, Anthony noted that he was visibly shaken when he saw the pictures on Facebook. “I immediately began to think of ways to assist the residents. Consequently, I called a few persons to help coordinate the effort.” He further added that the responses from many of home owners were very positive. Marva, one of the recipients, expressed the view that life in the shelter was very stressful. When asked how she felt about receiving the items, Marva exclaimed that she was indeed happy and praised Anthony for his thoughtfulness and love.

Shelter Manager Mrs. Davis also commended the Walkers for their kindness. She said: “Many persons and organisations have donated clothing, food and water.” However, “the beddings and stoves”, she said, “will go a long way in helping the families to return to some level of normalcy in their lives.” Walker encouraged the recipients to be strong and asked them to give thanks and praises to God for having spared their lives.