April 21, 2011
Get ready to sing with the stars

A new television program that will not only award its participants but also reward its viewers is soon to hit Television screens here.{{more}}

‘Singing With The Stars’, a show for karaoke lovers and persons who may or may not have an ear for music, is slated to debut on Tuesday, May 3, on SVG TV.

The show, which is the brainchild of Georgette ‘Auntie G’ Nanton, will feature persons who have a love for singing, especially in the karaoke arena.

Nanton said that the program, which will begin taping on the night of Wednesday, April 27, at the Sunsail Lounge in Ratho Mill, is not only for trained or experienced singers, but for anyone who wishes to display his or her talent to the nation.

“If you love to sing and not afraid of doing it in public, this is for you. You don’t have to be the best singer out there. Just be willing to show your talent and have fun in the process.” Nanton told Searchlight.

“Apart from that, you get a chance to win cool prizes weekly and be a part of our end of year package.”

The proprietor at Sunsail explains how the show will take place:

“Every Wednesday night we will have karaoke at the lounge and this will be filmed.”

“At the end of the night, the patrons there will select the top three of four performers, whose performances will then be aired on SVG TV the following week (Tuesday).

“Viewers of SVG TV will now have the opportunity to vote on who is the best performance of the night by sending their vote to a special email, which is”

“Persons can choose from any genre of music, so long as it is worthy to be aired on television.”

“On special nights we will have only a particular genre of music or artiste featured; for example R&B Night, Country and Western Night, Gospel Night, Local Music Night etc. or we may have a Michael Jackson Night, Celine Dion Night or Bob Marley.”

She went on to add that one voter, who picked the winning karaoke singer for that week, will also win a prize; they will be informed that they have won via email.

Nanton, who has been hosting a special Christmas party for children in the Georgetown and surrounding communities for the past four years, says that she hopes to expose known and unknown talent of Vincentians to the rest of the nation through the show, which she expects to be a hit.

She said the concept for the name of the show comes from karaoke singers desire to sing like and with their musical idols.

“This will be their opportunity to sing with their stars and possibly have their moment of fame; maybe for 15 minutes, maybe longer.”

The karaoke sessions will be conducted by Shadow karaoke, with world renown crooner Gideon James the Master of Ceremonies.

The show will be produced by Ascension Communication and Entertainment, and will be aired at 6pm on Tuesdays.(JJ)