April 15, 2011
Vincentian and Taiwanese celebrates Youths Service Day

April 12, 2011, Global Youth Service Day celebrated, commended and practiced the global youth’s activities of service. It encourages global youths to improve their communities each day of the year through service and service-learning.{{more}}

Vincentian and Taiwanese youths volunteered their services and cooperated to create 100 bunny dolls to donate to the paediatric ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH). These bunny dolls will aid the department in caring for its patients.

The idea was the brain child of three Taiwanese volunteers, Ariel Huang, Meiho Lin, and Tzuyi Huang, who invited the second-year students of the Division of Nursing Education of the Community College to join this activity based on the slogan: 100 pieces of bunny, 100% sincerity, 100th celebration on 1st April.

The second-year students are learning how to increase the caring quality in paediatric nursing in an effort to achieve the 4th goal of UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): “Reduce Child Mortality”.

Based on the fact that Global Children’s Day is also celebrated in April, the Taiwanese volunteers thought it an appropriate time to share their skill with Vincentian youths in using the easily available material (socks) to make bunny dolls. The bunny doll is a medium in paediatric nursing care, where nursing students can use the dolls to approach the little patient to increase the caring quality.

These 100 bunny dolls were donated to the Paediatric ward of the MCMH and the Division of Nursing Education delivered them during a handing over ceremony on April 8, at the Division of Nursing Education.

The Taiwan Ambassador, Weber Shih, gave remarks while the three Taiwanese volunteers, Ariel Huang, Meiho Lin, and Tzuyi Huang, handed over 70 bunny dolls to Sr. Gillian Primus, the Departmental Sister of Paediatrics, and 30 bunny dolls along with 13 material bags to Sr. Susanna Providence, the Dean of Division of Nursing Education of Community College.

Through this activity, the Taiwanese volunteers wanted to celebrate the centennial of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and to announce Vincentian and Taiwanese Youth Service Day, respectively.