April 5, 2011
Eustace dissatisfied with letter from Commissioner Miller

Yesterday, Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace disclosed that his Party had received a letter from Commissioner of Police Keith Miller that morning, which had cut short the route that his party intended to take during today’s protest march in Kingstown.{{more}}

Eustace said that he has instructed Allan Cruickshank, General Secretary of the NDP to contact Miller and express to him, that what he was “suggesting is not acceptable.”

He said that the NDP recognises that one has to take into account law and order, but the proposed route is one that the NDP has always followed.

“We have never had any incidents and there is no reason why is should be cut down,” said Eustace.

Eustace said it was indicated that the NDP supporters will loot stores.

The Opposition Leader said he has expressed his “complete dissatisfaction” with the statement.

“We have always tried to avoid having anything of that sort occur during that protest. We have asked our people to be peaceful and by and large that is what was obtained. We have never encouraged people to do any unlawful act,” said Eustace.