March 25, 2011
Teenager pleads: Put me on a bond for 10 years

Kimron Prince will do anything to be released from prison, even if it means going back to school and living with his mother.{{more}}

Prince, 16, appeared before Senior Magistrate Donald Browne at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, March 22, and pleaded with the magistrate to place him on a bond rather than keep him in jail.

“I really can’t handle it up there (prison). Them does abuse me, beat me up, all thing,” he claimed.

Prince is currently on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison awaiting sentencing in a drug possession matter. He pleaded guilty to having 111 pounds of cannabis in his possession on February 26.

The youngster said that he has even bled through his nose and coughed up blood.

“Ah asking you please, your Worship, put me pon ah bond for 10 years. Ah go live wid me mother and go back school,” Prince begged.

In his response, Browne told Prince that he did not send him to get involved in drugs. “When you go up there, most of the times you go and don’t come back a virgin. You come back something in between,” Browne sternly said.

“I’m sorry for your situation, but now you understand what breaking the law means. They do not have respect for age up there (prison). Young or old, they would knock you off,” Browne added.

He urged the young man to make complaints to prison authorities when such matters arise. Prince responded by saying that he has done so on several occasions, but nothing has been done about it.

Prince will be sentenced on April 13 at the Serious Offences Court pending a Social Inquiry Report. (KW)