SJCM Young  Leaders busy with hydroponic system
March 25, 2011
SJCM Young Leaders busy with hydroponic system

SJCM Young Leaders have had a busy and productive World Water Week. The week started with their hydroponic system almost complete. Monday saw the Young Leaders working together in smaller teams to complete certain aspects of their project.{{more}} Some groups worked together to paint the base of the water tank, while others prepared the coconut fiber for the hydroponic system and even more worked on their out-reach project. It was a productive day, with a lot accomplished. It was also the day that the first lettuce seedling was transplanted into the hydroponic system!

Tuesday, being World Water Day, met the Young Leaders with plenty of water, as it rained most of the day. This water was collected in the newly installed water tank. The rain water collected and conserved will be used for irrigation of SJCM’s farm land and also for hydroponics. SJCM held a career fair, in which the Young Leaders participated, and where they interacted with the various guests. They were interviewed by Aviar Charles of the Agency for Public Information (API) about hydroponics, and showed her their exciting project. They discussed with persons from the Ministry of Agriculture the innovativeness and sustainability of their project.

On Wednesday the Young Leaders continued to plant seeds in their system, so they will have crops in a few weeks time. They also spent part of the day distributing their awareness bumper stickers: one for conservation and one for hydroponics.

On Thursday, smaller groups went out into the community in the Mesopotamia Valley and visited schools, where they gave information on how to conserve of water and the basics of hydroponics.

Today is RBTT Young Leaders Day. SJCM Young Leaders are leading the school with an interesting and exciting assembly, as the term comes to a close. The Young Leaders are inviting local television stations and farmers to come to see their project, and learn more about how hydroponics is going beyond the surface, how it is sustaining life, and how it will secure the future.

Happy RBTT Young Leaders Day to all the participating schools and everyone in St.Vincent.