Bishop’s College Kingstown Young  Leaders clean up Paul’s Avenue
March 22, 2011

Bishop’s College Kingstown Young Leaders clean up Paul’s Avenue

In an effort to fulfill the goals of their theme ‘Pure water: The key to survival – Think globally, act locally’, the Bishop’s College Kingstown Young Leaders, on Thursday, March 17, rolled up their sleeves and cleaned up Paul’s Avenue.{{more}} The Young Leaders cleared drains and removed garbage from the roadsides.

Co-ordinator of this year’s Young Leaders Ronnie Richardson told SEARCHLIGHT that the group has been affected in the past by the stench that emanates from some of the drains, which are clogged as a result of the build-up of garbage.

Richardson added it is important that the group take up the task to ensure that their environment is clean.

“We are hoping that persons in the community can see what we are doing and be an influence to help in the conservation of water,” Richardson said.

In addition to cleaning the drains and roadsides, the Young leaders also prepared a document and distributed it to several business houses in and around Kingstown, highlighting ways to conserve water in the business place.

The students also distributed cold water to passers-by.

Chekesha King, President of the Young Leaders, said they were happy to be cleaning up the community, which is home to their school.

“This is just our way of keeping our surroundings clean and making people aware of the importance of water and how to conserve it,” King said.

The group officially launched their programme on Thursday, February 10.

The official theme for this year’s RBTT young leaders programme is, ‘Water: Beyond the surface, sustaining life, securing our future’.