March 18, 2011
Fancy holds Heroes’ Day celebrations

The Fancy Farmers’ Cooperative has for yet another year succeeded in attracting a large group of Vincentians to their National Heroes’ Day cultural rally.{{more}}

Since 2004, the cooperative based in the North Windward community of Fancy has commemorated National Heroes’ Day, which celebrates and reflects on the lives of our ancestors.

Speaking at the Rally, Area Representative, Montgomery Daniel congratulated the organizers of the event, noting that it is one of the best Heroes’ day events in the country. He noted that it was the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration that declared March 14th as National Heroes’ Day and Joseph Chatoyer as our National Hero.

Minister of Culture, Frederick Stevenson, said the Fancy Heroes’ Day Event is a testimony to the great love of culture for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He noted that he was part of the struggle to make March 14th National Heroes’ Day. He said as Vincentians, we should be thankful for the contribution Chatoyer made to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Stevenson said Vincentians are a part of a noble Caribbean civilization and we must reflect on the lives, times and struggles of the Calinago who ensured that this country was freed of the French and British rule.

The event saw a number of cultural performances from cultural groups and schools from Fancy and surrounding areas. The 7th Annual Fancy Heroes’ Day Celebrations was made possible by Lime, St. Vincent Brewery, GECCU and the National Lotteries Authority.(API)