March 11, 2011
PM says he was a little worried

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves admitted to supporters of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) at Barrouallie on Sunday, March 6, that he was worried during an outburst made by opposition Member of Parliament Daniel Cummings in the House of Assembly on Thursday, March 3.{{more}}

“What I was worried about when I saw Cummings getting on like that… you know they have some paper weights, metal weight there, I know the man stone church, so I was watching that right hand.

“I was watching that right hand, I watching it, because nobody knocking me down in the House with nutten,” said Gonsalves to the gathering.

Cummings, Parliamentary Representative for West Kingstown, at the last sitting of the House, pointed out to Speaker Hendrick Alexander that while St.Claire Leacock, Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown, had the floor, the Prime Minister was allowed to remain standing.

Cummings said that the Speaker had failed to ask Gonsalves to sit, while on the other hand, he was requesting that Arnhim Eustace, Leader of the Opposition, sit down.

The West Kingstown MP called on the Speaker to apply the rules to both sides of the House.

Gonsalves told his supporters that Cummings was not thinking. He explained he was on his feet because Alexander had requested that a Member of the House make a motion.

Gonsalves said as the Leader of the House, he took on the responsibility of making the motion.