March 11, 2011

Greiggs community to showcase Garifuna culture on Heroes’ Day

In a collective effort to commemorate National Heroes Day on March 14 2011, the Greiggs Sports & Cultural Association, the Greiggs Rastafarian Progressive Society and The Keepers of the Environment will present a one of a kind extravaganza.{{more}}

The Greiggs Playing Field will be transformed into a Model Garifuna Tribal Village, with a number of huts built around a central bonfire which is to be lit at sundown. Each hut will have a Lantern and Flambeau.

Local indigenous foods will be available around the Greiggs Entertainment Centre. We will also be showcasing locally processed foods and fresh produce.

Meanwhile, at the Old Primary School Yard, a Cultural and Talent Package will be ongoing from 12:00 pm throughout the afternoon. Awards will be handed out to outstanding persons in Greiggs, and individuals past and present will be honoured and recognized for their contributions to the culture of Greiggs and the enrichment of its heritage.

Inside the Old School Hall, will be hosted a Heritage Day Fair featuring a display of the history of group activity in a photo gallery. History in living colour and lots of games and prizes will be available.

A Bouncing Castle will also be present on the compound.

Each area will have its own theme.

It is hoped that this initiative would serve to sensitize the people for Greiggs and St. Vincent and the Grenadines of the diversity and dynamism of the Garifuna Culture and Heritage.

A special invitation is extended to all.