March 8, 2011

Maxwell Charles denies $1M claim

Maxwell Charles, Parliamentary representative for Central Leeward, said that he was never offered a bribe by the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) to cross the floor.{{more}}

Referring to the allegation as a rumour, Charles told party supporters at a public meeting at Richland Park on Sunday, February 27, that he wanted to put the issue to rest, and he made it clear that he was never made an offer.

According to Charles, the rumour first started circulating two weeks after the last general elections that they (NDP) had a package for him.

“I paid no attention to it,” he indicated.

He further explained that he was again approached by an NDP supporter who had claimed that he (Charles) needed to explain the million dollars.

But Charles made it clear that he was never made an offer.

“Nobody has come to my doorstep, nobody came to my workplace to offer me no money,” he declared.

“You think I will leave England and come back to St.Vincent and you elect me and then I resign two months after?

“They are bent on mischief and they are embarrassing their colleagues,” Charles told party supporters.

He further contended that he was not in dialogue with “evil men” as he made the point that to say that he was approached, would imply that he was in dialogue with members of the NDP.

The clarification comes weeks after it was rumoured that Charles had in fact resigned as a member of the governing Unity Labour Party (ULP).

“I am a loyal party man,” he said. (DD)