March 4, 2011

Annual Marriaqua Crusade begins tonight

Residents of Marriaqua and surrounding areas will converge this Friday on the Cane End Playing Field for what has now become the annual Marriaqua Crusade, being held under the banner of the Evangelical Churches of Marriaqua.{{more}}

Organisers of the crusade say that this particular crusade is very timely, based on what appears to be an upsurge in crime and violence in the Marriaqua area. Organisers say the only means of bringing people back to God is through the gospel, and as a result they will be using the gospel to combat the forces of evil.

The Crusade will feature Pastor Linden Browne and his band ‘Shine’ out of Trinidad and Tobago.

It will run from March 4 to 8, beginning at 7pm nightly, except Saturday and Sunday when it begins at 6:30pm. Saturday’s crusade will take the form of a concert. Prior to the start of each night of the crusade, christians will gather on the grounds early to saturate the grounds with prayers.

There will also be special prayers said for those who are afflicted. All are being invited to attend these crusades.