UK teachers, administrator visit SVG
February 25, 2011

UK teachers, administrator visit SVG

Nine teachers and one administrator are here from the city of Bristol, United Kingdom, on a one week visit to a number of local schools.{{more}}

The visit is part of the Teachers’ International Professional Development (TIPD) programme, in which teachers travel to various countries, learning about the education and school systems, and at the same time developing language skills.

At an opening and welcoming ceremony yesterday, Monday, February 21, at the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Unit in Kingstown, the team was introduced to senior officials in the Ministry of Education, as well as head teachers and other educators with whom they will be interacting this week.

According to Lennox Lewis, local coordinator, the programme is designed to ensure that the team works with the Ministry of Education for an effective, professional education experience, which will benefit both the visitors and the hosts.

“The main aims for the visits are for teachers and teaching assistants to experience good educational practice in the different countries around the world.”

“Also to offer a focused challenging learning experience in which teachers are immersed in the education system of another country, investigating a particular curriculum theme, and to generate new networks of teachers nationally and internationally, united in their commitment to provide high quality education.”

Lewis also added the visit aims to enhance professional capabilities by introducing new ideas and systems of classroom management and providing new curriculum material, while reinvigorating their own classroom practices.

Team Leader Duncan Heryette, while noting the huge difference in climate and population, between the two cities (Bristol and Kingstown) said that he and his team were looking forward to working with the various educators and students and learn how persons here handle the challenges.

“The city of Bristol is very multicultural in its make up….We have schools with over 32 languages in them now, which gives you a flavour for some of the challenges the teachers are facing, and I think that is one of the things that the team is interested in which is to find out how you are managing with a smaller group of different personalities and cultural groups.”

The teachers, who vary in skills ranging from music, art, information technology and a heavy emphasis on literacy, and boys’ achievement, are scheduled to visit the C W Prescod Primary School, Questelles Government, Calder Primary, Lowmans Leeward Anglican, Marriaqua Government and Lauders Primary.

The teachers, who were given an introduction to St. Vincent and the Grenadines as well as the education system of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, consists of Helen Faulkner, Michelle Edwards, Alice Roberts, Alicia Bradley, Laura Godfrey, Lindsay Churchill, Jennifer Stafford, Catherine Davis and Rebecca Love.

They leave St. Vincent and the Grenadines today, Friday.