Primary schools’ public speaking competition gets underway
February 22, 2011
Primary schools’ public speaking competition gets underway


by: Collin CA$H Haywood

The Park Hill Government School held its inaugural public speaking competition on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, at the school hall.{{more}} Fifth Graders Lulanie Baynes, Stefi-Ann Delpesche and Wenisha James competed for the chance to represent the school in the Zonal Primary School Public Speaking Competition. The competition was divided into a prepared speech and an impromptu segment. During the (eight minutes maximum) prepared speech segment, students spoke on the topic: “Some people are of the view that modern technology has erased our unique Vincentian cultural practices. What are your views?”

The students gave a good account of themselves, with the high point being young Delpesche’s age-defying impromptu presentation. Speaking on the topic “Water”, Delpesche captivated the audience, as she eloquently articulated for the stipulated two minutes, leaving the three judges speechless! Overall winner Wenisha James, staved off a strong challenge to seize first place in the prepared speech category.

A confident Wenisha James went on to represent her school at last Monday’s Zonal Primary School Public Speaking Competition. Young James oozed with confidence as she performed her winning speech to a crowd consisting mainly of her school colleagues. The competition, held at the North Union Learning Resource Centre, pitted participants from Byera to Greggs against one another. However, the perennial, minimal male participation did not escape the eyes of teachers and Ministry officials.

The competition also showed the need for more thorough preparation, especially in the area of enunciation and audience contact.

As is becoming the norm, the impromptu segment of the competition was the high point, with the students’ wits and eloquence captivating the audience. At the end of the competition, each competitor expressed his/her anxiety in awaiting the picks for next month’s finals. However, the low publicity and sponsorship given to such a worthwhile Ministry of Education initiative must be speedily addressed.