Searchlight launches Treasure Hunt promotion
February 18, 2011
Searchlight launches Treasure Hunt promotion

The pages of the Searchlight Midweek are expected to contain additional hidden treasures, thanks to the new promotion which kicks off next week.{{more}}

On Wednesday, February 16, the paper launched its promotion dubbed Searchlight Treasure Hunt, where reading is a treasure, at a press conference at the Searchlight offices in Kingstown Park

The promotion is expected to run for the next 45 weeks.

The plans for this promotion was unveiled by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Clare Keizer, who indicated that along with its co-sponsors Bickles, Courts St. Vincent Ltd, Jujube Bookstore and Digicel, one of the objectives is to ensure that reading and literacy are put on the front burner.

“In recent times there have been several initiations in government, schools and organizations to promote literacy and reading within our society. And although as a publisher of newspapers we are a big part of the drive, we feel we need to do more.”

“But we realized that we cannot do it on our own and we, therefore, approached partners who, by their association with previous initiatives of the sort, have demonstrated their commitment to reading and literacy in our country.”

Keizer also stated that another of the promotion’s objectives is to reward the readers of Searchlight’s Midweek edition, which has been in circulation for the past eight months.

She said that the paper, which is circulated on Tuesdays, has been enjoying tremendous success, despite the fact that the concept of a newspaper being available any other day than Friday is new to many Vincentians.

According to the CEO, every Monday by 8pm, five Searchlight Treasure Hunt questions will be placed on an accessible part of the paper’s website (

The answers to these questions may be found by reading the articles in the Searchlight Midweek edition the following day, Tuesday.

Readers will have until noon on Wednesday to email their answers to the Treasure Hunt coordinator Molicia Charles (

Each reader may enter once per week, and the first four winning entries with all five correct answers will receive a prize from one of the four sponsors.

The prizes include a gift from Courts, $25 Digicel cell phone top up, a $20 gift voucher from Jujube, and a $10 patty meal from Bickles.

The names of the winners, along with the prizes won, will be published in the Weekend edition of Searchlight (Friday); and at the end of the promotion, the reader with the most correct entries to the competition will receive a grand prize, yet to be identified.

Representatives of the sponsors endorsed the paper’s newest initiative, each commending the Newspaper, and indicating that improving the level of literacy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is part of their overall focus.

The sponsors said that they were excited to be a part of the promotions and offered the newspaper and readers best wishes.

Keizer noted that the promotion, which is the first of its kind, keeps the newspaper in tune with its original mission.

“Ever since Searchlight was founded in April 1995, we have had a very strong education focus, and even though over the years we have tried to cater to the needs and interests of a wide range of individuals by carrying a variety of articles and features within our pages, we have tried not to stray far from our initial mission,” she said.(JJ)