February 18, 2011

Diabetes team to visit SVG

The Patsy Douglas Youth Empowerment Foundation Diabetes Mission team will arrive in St. Vincent on March 19.{{more}}

The team of six will spend one week visiting various clinics around the island.

“This year we are pleased to be able to bring various diabetes testing supplies(much of which was provided through generous donations), medications/medical supplies and educational materials.In addition for the first time we will be part of a health fair on March 18th, co-hosted with the St.Vincent Diabetes and Hypertension Groups,” a release from the Foundation said.

“If you recall, St.Vincent has an alarmingly high diabetes prevalence: 1 in 12. Complications from diabetes, which include amputations and stroke, have a devastating effect on this population. Our mission aims to educate and provide supplies in the hope of reducing diabetes-related complications, and eventually the incidence of diabetes: Educate, Prevent, Treat.”

The Foundation is inviting donations from organizations and individuals.

A special appeal has also been made to Vincentians living abroad: “This is a big way that you can really help everyone back home. They need your help. Again, even the smallest amount that you can spare will be a blessing towards this mission.”

For more information, visit the website: