Stacia Morris holds public book signing
February 15, 2011
Stacia Morris holds public book signing

It started out as a love note to her niece and nephew, giving advice on how to manage their finances.{{more}}

Now, the book ‘Teenage Money 101: An Introduction to Money Management’ gives advice to all teenagers, and even adults, on how to effectively manage their finances.

Author of the publication, Vincentian Stacia Morris held a book signing event last Friday, at the Gaymes Book Centre at Paul’s Avenue. Morris, who left St. Vincent and the Grenadines 32 years ago, returned to her homeland to take part in the Girls’ High School (GHS) centenary lecture series.

She delivered the 10th lecture in the series under the theme ‘Global economic crisis and its impact on the Caribbean’, with special emphasis on St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Morris, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, stated that the book teaches the basics of financial management.

“It can be used for anybody to understand finance, using basic financial principles. In terms of income and expense, how you manage your income and … how you manage your budget.”

Morris explained that the book is a narrative about the real life story of her niece and nephew. She said it is also a workbook.

She stated that there is a need for everyone, not just teenagers, to know how to manage their finances. She added that the book starts with teenagers, so that, as they grow older, they can develop the habit of managing finance in their adult lives.

The feedback received on the book has been “phenomenal”, according to Morris. She disclosed that she has plans to do an entrepreneurial version, as well as a version for adults and retired persons. Teenage Money 101 is the first book that she has written. It was published in 2008.

Morris is a business consultant and has her own company, which is called Your Money TREK (Training Resources and Empowerment Keys). The book can be purchased at the Gaymes Book Store.

Morris used the opportunity to thank the Vincentian community for its support.