February 15, 2011
‘Just saying you own the Government is not enough’

Owning the Government is not going to be easy work, says Political leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.{{more}}

Addressing ULP supporters at the party’s National Convention last Sunday, Gonsalves outlined what he termed as seven essentials for owning the Government.

“Owning the Government is rewarding, but it is not easy,” he said.

“Just saying you own the Government is not enough,” he continued, adding there were certain things that must be done.

The first bit of advice Gonsalves issued was for supporters and members to own the party.

“Among other things, this means being involved in the party’s structures, including being engaged in the party’s activities,” the Prime Minister said.

He urged all ULP supporters to remain committed, adding that the party’s base had thousands of supporters.

The second is for all ULP members and supporters to become active in community and church groups.

“In that way, party members and supporters could assist in building country at the elemental level and win others by being involved,” said Gonsalves.

He noted that owning the Government requires the full understanding of the party’s vision, philosophy and practical policies.

“Know the vision; know the Manifesto,” Gonsalves said.

Party supporters were also told that they needed to have a firm understanding of the country’s Constitution and the Government’s functions.

“Owning the Government means lifting yourself and doing best for you and your family,” the political leader continued.

He added that persons need to begin being in solidarity with one another.

“It hurts me when people in Labour Party fighting one another and pulling down one another; we not suppose to be doing that,” Gonsalves contended.

And, finally, he added that owning the Government meant that people need to be critical of it when necessary and desirable, while defending and promoting it always.

“When you sit down and talk inside your councils, you must not hold back your tongue on criticism of the Government.”