February 15, 2011
Fishermen swam to a small piece of land close to Canouan

Two fishermen are said to be in fine condition after being adrift at sea for two nights.{{more}}

Collinford Fernandez, 40, of Bellevue and Osman Andrews, 60, of Stubbs were both rescued off a rock in Canouan on Saturday, February 12, after their fishing vessel, “Jah Love” sank between Union Island and Canouan.

Police say the men set out to sea on Wednesday, February 9, off the coast of Bequia.

According to a National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) report, Fernandez said that he believed their boat struck a big wave that left a hole in the bottom of the boat. He said the bow of the boat, where they usually sleep, filled up with water and it was impossible for them to bail out the water fast enough.

“We decide we have to abandon ship because it going sink,” Fernandez stated in the report.

He further added that they sent out distress calls and were able to get onto Grenada and asked them to relay the message to St Vincent.

The report said the men drifted on a life raft for about two nights, before swimming to a small piece of land close to Canouan, where they fired off flares after spotting a yacht.

The men were then rescued by the passing yacht on which they were given food and a change of clothing.

Describing his narrow escape from death, Fernandez said the only problem they had was trying to sleep on the raft for two nights. “Is like ah swimming pool we been sleeping in and it was very uncomfortable,” he said.

Andrews, who was suffering from hyperthermia was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital to be treated. He has since been released.