February 11, 2011
New PTA Executive for Cane End Government School

The Cane End Government School has elected a new Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to assist with the effective and efficient management of the school.{{more}}

At a meeting held at the school on Thursday, February 3, 2011, parents and teachers voted and elected Allison Shallow as the new President of the PTA, replacing immediate past president Camile Bascombe.

He will be assisted by Vice President Jason Minors, Secretary Sharon Joe, Assistant Secretary Juliet Richardson, Treasurer Rouna Burke, P.R.O Jennifer Richardson, Chaplin Garfield Joseph and Committee members: Godwin Mapp, Patsy Miguel and Shermyn Bacchus-Shallow.

In his first address to members of the PTA, immediately following the elections, President Allison Shallow challenged the parents to assist the school by giving and assisting with the various fundraisers which will help in the effective and efficient management of the school. He asks parents not to get weary in giving when called upon and noted that one of their first duties would be to assist in ensuring that the surroundings of the school are cleaned and the grass around the hard court area and elsewhere is cut.