February 4, 2011

ULP supporters to show support Tuesday

Supporters of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) will be taking to the picket line outside the House of Assembly next Tuesday, February 8, to show support for the Government.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves made the disclosure on Wednesday, February 2, as the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) mobilizes its supporters to stage a protest that same day, against a proposed amendment to the Representation of the People Act (RPA), the legislation which governs Elections in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

This amendment is expected to remove the penalty that is to be meted out to election candidates who are found guilty of breaching sections of the RPA.

Parliament is scheduled to consider the amendment on Tuesday.

“As you know, they had owned the campaign, and now they own the Government,” said Gonsalves of ULP supporters.

He futher stated that he is not bothered by the series of Opposition protests.

“Protest is my middle name, so protest don’t worry me.”

The Prime Minister followed this remark with the question: “I look like a man who is worried? They are the ones who are worried.”

Last Friday, amidst a defiant protest rally staged by the NDP just outside the Parliament building in Kingstown, the ULP Government successfully passed an amendment to the Criminal Procedure Code of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. The amendment requires persons desirous of filing private criminal complaints to first get the permission of the Director of Public Prosecutions.(HN)