Digicel rewards 17 customers
February 4, 2011

Digicel rewards 17 customers

This week, 17 persons were rewarded with cash for being Digicel customers.{{more}}

On Monday, at the conference room of the company’s corporate offices, located in the Lewis Building on James Street, Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche and Marketing Executive Justin John handed over EC$17,000 to customers as part of Digicel’s loyalty programme.

Each of the 17 loyal customers received EC$1000 each. They all welcomed the money with one commenting that it had come at the right time as January is usually one of the hardest months of the year.

DeRoche said that the loyalty programme which has so far given back to customers over EC$500,000 is just the company’s way of giving back something to their customers. She added that the loyalty programme is seeking to reward everyone on the company’s network.