December 30, 2010
Green Party calls for halt at Argyle Airport site

Leader of the Green Party Ivan O’Neal has called for work at the Argyle International airport to stop until a public technical inquiry has been done to reassess the safety and the positioning of the runway.{{more}}

In a press release dated Tuesday, December 28, 2010, the Green Party stated that the Unity Labour Party regime and the International Airport Development Committee (IADC) need to be aware that the Argyle airport runway is too close to the sea, and that it can be flooded by sea water or even submerged in times of heavy storm or with a change in climate.

The press release further stated that the high rock cliff face at the Stubbs bay landing approach is a serious flight safety hazard at night and in bad weather. The culverting of the Yamboo River under the runway, the release also stated, would increase the chances of the runway being prone to flooding.

The release stated that a public technical inquiry is needed to asses the safety and long term feasibility of the runway and the flight safety of landings.