December 17, 2010
‘Gumbsy’ robbed, beaten and kidnapped

Calypsonian Nilio ‘Gumbsy’ Gumbs says that he is lucky to be alive after being beaten, robbed and kidnapped by three men last Monday, December 13, at Diamond.{{more}}

Gumbs, who is also an Economist by profession, told SEARCHLIGHT that he had just exited his vehicle and was about to make his way to a friend’s place shortly after 8 pm when three men approached him and beat him.

He added that one of the men put a cutlass to his throat, before he was “thrown” into the trunk of his car.

Gumbs said that one of the men was also armed with what looked like a gun.

He said that he was eventually dropped off in Rivierre.

“I was walking around for 15 to 25 minutes in the bush,” the distraught man recollected, adding that he did not know where he was at first.

He added that he saw lights and moved in that direction, before a woman came to his rescue.

The men took off with a gold ID wrist band worth $350, his wrist watch, $250 in cash and his car, Gumbs said.

The vehicle was eventually recovered on Wednesday, December 15, in Kingstown, in the vicinity of the National Emergency Management Organization.

“I never expected something like this could happen in St Vincent,” Gumbs said. “I lived in Jamaica and I never got robbed.”

Gumbs was the victim of a stray bullet when he was shot in the back in 2007 while at a shop in Paul’s Avenue. Investigations are ongoing into this week’s incident. (DD)