December 10, 2010
ULP website a victim of cyber attack?

The Unity Labour Party (ULP) has called on the New Democratic Party (NDP) to join them in condemning an attack on the ULP’s website and to answer whether or not they, the NDP, are involved in funding the attack.{{more}}

In a press release dated December 8, 2010, the ULP said: “Today (December 8) the website was brought down by a highly sophisticated and illegal distributed denial of service attack known as a SYN flood”.

The release further stated that “This is not an unsophisticated single point denial of service attack. Instead, the skilled hacker that is perpetuating the attack, targeted the domain, and used what is called a ‘botnet’ which calls on hundreds of thousands of virus compromised computers around the world to flood the ULP website with requests, thereby bringing it down”.

“ULP technology experts believe that it is highly likely that, given the sophistication of the attack, it is being perpetuated by a highly paid hacker. Given the timing of the illegal attack, one can only conclude that it is politically motivated,” the release stated.

At press time the site was back up and running.