December 7, 2010
Two suspected in Rent and Drive break in

Police are still on the hunt for two men who broke into Rent and Drive at Arnos Vale, last Thursday, December 2, in a failed attempt at stealing a vault.{{more}}

Police confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that information reached them about 3:40 am that the business place had been broken into and that the men were seen struggling with the vault outside the building.

SEARCHLIGHT was reliably informed that upon reaching the scene, the burglars apparently spotted the police and disappeared into the night, leaving behind the vault and the trolley, which was used to transport it out of the building.

When contacted, owner Garth Oliver said the burglars smashed the front window pane of the building to gain entry, just before heading to the main office where the safe was located.

Oliver said the trolley, which was found on the scene, was one of the trolleys from his business. Other items, including cellular phones, were stolen.

Oliver said the men apparently attempted to make a getaway by using one of the six vehicles parked just outside. “It’s like they couldn’t find the correct key for any of the vehicles,” he said. Instead, the men smashed the windows of all the vehicles and unsuccessfully attempted to hotwire them.

When SEARCHLIGHT spoke with Oliver on Monday, he confirmed that the broken glass has already been repaired and business is back to normal. He however stated that he feels badly about what transpired.

Up to press time on Monday afternoon, no arrests had been made.