December 3, 2010
Kenneth Ash passes

Christmas this year will not be as bright as in past years, as the man who lit up the Lowmans Hill community with thousands of Christmas lights, and by extension the hearts of many, passed away two weeks ago in the United States.{{more}}

Kenneth Ash passed away on November 19, 2010, after a battle with Prostate Cancer. A memorial service was held for Ash on November 28 in the United States.

As a result of his death, no Christmas lights will adorn the Ash’ residence this year, as was the case for the past 12 years. The thousands of lights will be donated to the Nine Morning Committee and to the St George’s Cathedral. The Nine Mornings Committee will also make a donation towards the St. George’s Cathedral restoration fund.

A vitual landmark in the Lowmans Hill community, the Ash’s residence drew visitors from all over the island to enjoy the breathtaking display of lights and other decorations that surrounded his house and lawn.

In his weekly SEARCHLIGHT column “The Love Vine”, Sebastian “Bassy” Alexander said Ash “brought to SVG a new dimension to Christmas lighting.” Bassy added that Ash spent thousands to make his home a museum of lights at Christmas.

Bassy also described Ash as “the humblest child” among the children and will put them first when planning his Christmas activities.

To show his love for the children, Ash would dress up as Santa Claus and distribute gifts to the children who visited his home.

Before migrating overseas years ago, Ash worked at the St Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC) and was a member of the Commandos steel pan side.

Ash is survived by his wife Olive and daughter Faustina. He also has two grand children, Cole and Simone Teters.

A funeral service will take place tomorrow, Saturday, December 4, at the St George’s Cathedral, from 2:30pm. His body will be laid to rest at the Kingstown Cemetery.

Before his death, Ash had made a request that he buried in his mother’s grave. She died some 40 years ago.(KW)