Be warned: Pompey
November 26, 2010
Be warned: Pompey

Acting Commissioner of Police Bertie Pompey has issued a warning to persons bent on violence during this political season.{{more}}

Pompey, speaking during a press conference on Wednesday, November 24, at the Police Headquarters, Kingstown, commented on the recent violent acts, which he said were clearly politically motivated.

“Let me sound a note of warning to those persons bent on breaking the law. Violence is absolutely not an option in the democratic process of electing a candidate and as such, it will not be tolerated by the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force,” he said.

Pompey related the several incidents reported to the RSVP, including the report of a man, at whom shots were fired shortly after he returned to his Evesham home from a political meeting on November 18.

On November 21, Pompey said that Chateaubelair police reported an incident where three women were assaulted by a group of men. Several persons have since been arrested in that matter, Pompey said.

The most recent report was that on Tuesday, November 23, when a young woman was slapped by a man at Richmond Hill as she disclosed her political preference to another person.

“Even though we are from the same society, despite our similarities there are still some differences about us. Therefore, we must respect others for their differences in the choices that they make. You cannot by force seek to impose your beliefs, opinions and values on others,” Pompey added.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ekron Lockhart, who has the responsibility for the constabulary’s General Elections operation, stated that he has instructed his men to be as tolerant as possible, but to exercise force where necessary.

Lockhart also mentioned regulations that the public must adhere to during the campaign season.

He stated that based on the Noise Act, political meetings using loudspeakers must be turned off at 12 midnight. If persons wish to go beyond the stated time they must make an application to the RSVP.

Lockhart added that persons with loudspeakers travelling through the streets of Kingstown should do so between the hours of 12p.m. and 1 p.m. and 4p.m. to 6 p.m.

He also reminded candidates and their agents that they should remain at the polling stations for no more than 15 minutes. Lockhart added that no alcohol is to be sold during election day.

Police Public Relations Officer Jonathan Nicholls also extended sympathies to the families that lost their homes in the fire at Hospital Road on Tuesday morning.

He also commended several persons for their assistance to the police in extinguishing the fire.

Pompey stated that a meeting was expected to be held on Thursday, November 25, with the police and the Leaders of the Political parties regarding their concerns on the violence.