Teachers embrace their role in recovery
November 19, 2010
Teachers embrace their role in recovery

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) will conclude their Teachers’ Solidarity Week today, Friday, November 19, 2010, with a Teachers’ rally at Heritage Square.{{more}}

The week, which began on Sunday, November 14, was held under the theme “Recovery begins with Teachers” and celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the 1975 teachers’ strike.

During a press conference on Monday, November 15, 2010, Public Relations Officer Vibert Lampkin explained that the theme is relevant as any meaningful development in the country must have at its centre, education. He added that teachers will find themselves at the centre of any recovery programme.

Lampkin, speaking about plans for the SVGTU, stated that they are not anticipating any stumbling blocks as they go along with the collective agreement.

“We are hoping that with some changes here and there, that teachers will again see more changes coming their way in the new collective agreement,” Lampkin stated. He added that the Union will get the very best, stating that the relationship with the Ministry of Education is a very cordial one.

Also speaking at the conference, President Ronald Clarke stated that the Union has several ideas, including the establishment of a discount programme for members to access discounts from several business places.

Clarke added that the Union seeks improve the medical insurance for its members, broadening the areas in which coverage is provided for.

Clarke also stressed the urgency for primary level graduate teachers to be placed in primary institutions. According to Clarke, none of the teachers had been appointed to primary schools yet.

Industrial Relations Officer Hugh Wyllie also raised concerns about the transfer of teachers from school to school. Wyllie stated that teachers are sometimes transferred to schools in places that are far from where they live. Describing a situation where a teacher had to travel from Kingstown to Bequia everyday, Wyllie said that the teacher encountered many difficulties during the process. He asked that such issues be considered when teachers are being transferred.

Teachers’ Solidarity Week also included a Teachers’ Appreciation Day on Tuesday, November 16, an Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, November 17, held at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, and a North Leeward HIV/AIDS Workshop at the Troumaca Secondary School on Thursday, November 18. (OS)