Browne’s rolls out  high quality products
November 12, 2010
Browne’s rolls out high quality products

A high quality, locally manufactured product that is guaranteed to last, at an affordable price – that is the ‘Browne’s Manufacturing’ promise.{{more}}

Specializing in galvanized sheeting and steel, ‘Browne’s Manufacturing’ is the latest addition to the Browne’s Hardware and Construction family, having opened its doors just a little over three months ago.

Conveniently located at Diamond, the outlet is ideally located for customers residing on the Windward and interior sections of the country.

But it is the product that stands out, according to Gideon Browne, manager of Browne’s Hardware and Construction.

“We have a very good product. We have a high quality product,” he boasted.

“We are meeting the customers’ needs because the width of our galvanized sheets allows customers to cover more surface area,” he added.

And this translates to savings to the customer.

“This shows that we care about the customer,” Browne said.

Business has been good since the start of operations at this new facility. Browne, however, said he is anticipating that more persons will be drawn to the product as time goes by.

He says that he does not intend to sit on his laurels, but will be reaching out to the consumers.

“When there is a new product, you have to reach out to the customers,” Browne contended.

The new company is in its infancy, but Browne says that he has major plans for the new entity.

His plans include an expansion of choices of his products: customers now have the choice of six colours to choose from. However, Browne said that consumers will soon be spoilt for choice.

That and the conversion of a section of the factory outlet at Diamond to a showroom where persons will be able to purchase the products on site.

All this in time.

“I just want to get everything in the right place, then we will be moving forward.”

In the meantime, Browne is looking forward to the continued support of Vincentians, saying that when persons support local industry, they are contributing to the strengthening of the national economy.

“Our money stays here and that means that further development for the country,” Browne said. (DD)