November 9, 2010
Union Island holds Marine Environmental Fair on Independence

A special “Independence Day Marine Environmental Fair” was held in Ashton, Union Island, by The Ashton Multi-purpose Co-operative (AMCO).{{more}}

The primary objective of the day, held on Wednesday, October 27, at AMCO’s Seamoss shop, was to reinforce community cohesion via a shared understanding of the connections between a healthy marine environment and a healthy Vincentian population, given the fact that the people of St. Vincent, especially those of the Grenadines depend heavily on these resources.

The day’s events included an environmental awareness exhibition featuring the process of seamoss production along with a mini fish fest, showcasing the bounty of a healthy, stable and intact marine ecosystem. The fair climaxed with patrons making a pledge to make the marine environment a “Pollution Free Zone”.

AMCO is a registered co-operative on Union Island, which cultivates, processes and sells seamoss products under the mission statement: “To Promote Socio-economic Development, Community Participation, Health and Wellness amongst the residents of Union Island and the Wider Caribbean”.