SVG picking up the pieces after Hurricane Tomas
November 9, 2010
SVG picking up the pieces after Hurricane Tomas

A drive on the Leeward end of the island told the grim tale of the nightmare this country experienced by the passage of Hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

Uprooted trees, mangled galvanised sheeting and leaning houses were the recurring sight as individuals assessed the extent of the damage done.

When SEARCHLIGHT paid a visit to the Leeward district on Monday, November 1, residents of that section of the country stood at roadsides awaiting transportation to go to their various workplaces, while others were seen filling buckets with water at some schools. Some children were seen carrying jugs of water across semi-swollen rivers.

Throughout October 30 and 31, this country suffered extensive damage during the passage

of Hurricane Tomas, which left hundreds homeless and without the basic needs of food and water.

On passing the Barrouallie Secondary School in Peter’s Hope, three men were seen in a gutter, bathing with water from one of the pipes.

“Tek we picture. This is how it is right now and mek sure we go on the front page,” the men joked.

The usual chit-chat on the block was more boisterous at 8 a.m. as nearly every community spoke about Hurricane Tomas.

Meanwhile, a shop owner in Reversion, Barrouallie, Anthony “Dred-I” Derby said he was shocked at the way Vincentians responded to warnings.

“I don’t know why they act like this. If this was a bigger Hurricane, we would not have been here today,” said Dred-I.

Dred-I, 54, who has been in business for the past 25 years, noted that people scurried to his shop on the morning of Saturday, October 30, to purchase items, even though Hurricane warnings had been announced.

“This is the worse I have ever seen. Everyone been trying to get biscuit, sardine, macaroni. If you see a rush,” he recalled.