Thirteen young people recognised at National Youth Awards Ceremony
November 5, 2010
Thirteen young people recognised at National Youth Awards Ceremony

Thirteen of this nation’s most outstanding youths were honoured recently as the Youth Affairs Department of the Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports held its annual National Youth Awards.{{more}}

The awards took place on Friday, October 29, 2010, at the Frenches House. It was held under the theme “Building our future, making youth our pillars,” the same theme for the 2010 Youth Month.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of National Mobilization Mike Browne congratulated the students on their achievements, adding that the young persons have to reproduce themselves in the public domain by encouraging other young people to follow their example.

Browne stated that the youth of the country can become pillars by investing heavily in their education. Speaking extensively on the education revolution initiative of the ULP administration, Browne mentioned the several structural improvements made to education over the years.

Browne also emphasized the importance of having a close family relationship. He stated that the family is important, as it is the primary institution and it should be a unit where young people and parents can interact, discuss problems and issues.

He also stressed the need for parents to closely monitor children and for families to set aside time to interact closely with each other.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Rosita Snagg also encouraged parents to be strong and supportive of their children. Snagg stated that if parents are not strong or committed to the development of their children that “we will not have the future we long about.”

Snagg added that the society must do everything in its power to make youths shine. Snagg said that persons should encourage youth to be active in the community to do more and to speak to them whenever they are doing something wrong. She urged the awardees to continue to be beacons, continue to shine within their communities and the country.

Featured speaker Fashion Designer Kimon Baptiste also encouraged parents to do their best to encourage their children, to guide them and help them to become responsible adults.

Baptiste stated that if youths are to be pillars in the society, there must be a proper foundation laid for the youths.

Baptiste spoke specifically on the benefits of volunteer work, and entreprenership. Volunteer work, she explained, can teach students how to be responsible individuals, as well as problem solvers. Entrepreneurship, she stated, should be encouraged among youth, as they can use their talent in order to develop a business. She further urged adults of the society to teach youths about the mistakes they have made so that the youths themselves will not make the same errors.

The youths honoured at the award ceremony included Christian Friday and Abigail Scott for their excellence in the Common Entrance Examinations. Israel Carr and Meisha Charles for excellence in the CSEC Exams, Javil Parris and Shanelle Clarke who excelled in the A’ level Exams. Romano Spencer and Jason Doyle who excelled in Table Tennis and Squash respectively. Rhonelle Grant received an award for Entrepreneurship, Rodney Small an award for Music. Sunny Young received an award for his contribution to youth development and the Caribbean Heath Lifestyle Project Club received an award for the Community Group of the Year.

Certificates of Appreciation were also awarded to the media, Petrona Cozier who provided floral arrangements for several occasions, Joel “Fugitive” Bibby who co-hosted the Youth Outreach Radio Programme and Korean Williams from Korean Divine Design, the sponsor of the Youth Awards plaques. (OS)